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Burberry Court Polo Homme Bur Günstig Kaufen Marché


Dave Fishwick gets prime slot for new Channel 4 TV show From Lancashire Telegraph A self made millionaire, Mr Fishwick made his name with a programme about his low interest 'bank' Burnley Savings and Loans Limited.

His latest venture, Dave's where to buy authentic burberry online Guide to Spending Money, sees him explore where our money goes when we pay for various goods and services and whether they are worth the price the public is willing to pay for them. Shocked by the price of bottled water, Mr Fishwick sets up his own exclusive bottled water range 'Water of the North' which comes from the tap in his minibus garage which he takes on the road to restaurants around Burnley. He said: "I wanted to prove a point. If you can take it out the garage tap it can come from anywhere. The water is beautiful in Lancashire. "I like to put Lancashire in the programme as much as I can. There are lots of opportunities and we have a wonderful place here." He also sets up his own renewable power station in a back garden to burberry spring sale generate enough power to run the burberry handbags on sale Burnley Christmas lights for free. Mr Fishwick said he is really pleased the show, which is produced by Warner Brothers, is going out in a primetime slot on Channel 4 and Channel 4 plus one against shows like Top Gear on BBC2. He said: "Warner Brothers have taken us around the world looking at how other countries use energy. "There's a group of pensioners who all got together and got the electricity companies to burberry outlet texas bid for their business for the whole village. They managed to save 100,000. "We go on a journey and take the viewer with us." In one scene, Mr Fishwick brings an advertising executive from London to the top of Pendle Hill. "We are talking about how to brand the water and I said we have got Pendle Hill.

The camera pans across all of Lancashire and he says 'this is amazing'. It is a special moment.".

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