Burberry Longues Chemise Homme Bur Günstig Kaufene Temps

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Burberry Longues Chemise Homme Bur Günstig Kaufene Temps


Hunting for cheap chic with a fashionista as guide Kathryn Finney at Union Square Macy looks through the racks for some bargins.

She is a budget fashionista who wrote a book called "How to Be a Budget Fashionista" which is the ultimate guide to cheap burberry coats sale looking fabulous for less. Kathryn FinneyKathryn Finney at Union Square Macy looks through the racks for some bargins. She is a budget fashionista who wrote a book called "How to Be a Budget Fashionista" which is the ultimate guide to looking fabulous. The 30 year old personal stylist and fashion expert just published her new book, "How To Be a Budget Fashionista the Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous for Less" (Ballantine Books, $12.95) a definitive style guide for real women who don't have model figures or wads of cash to waste on their wardrobes. Finney, a Milwaukee native with a knack for finding fashion bargains, discusses everything from reality dressing wearing what looks good on your figure rather than the mannequin to coupon collecting, outlet browsing and ill fitting undergarments. Using lists and charts, Finney provides a bit of humor and a hardy dose of advice on how to put together the "Perfect Ten" closet items, approach a sample sale and care for delicates without breaking the bank. She urges women to adhere to a 70/30 rule meaning 70 percent of clothing should be classic, while the other 30 percent can be trendy. To slim a figure, Finney recommends big hair, high heels and wearing Assets, budget friendly body shapers sold at Target that are made by the same designer as the pricier Spanx found at upscale department stores. "Even though I'm 5 11, I still wear really high shoes that make me taller than everyone else because I appear thinner, so that's the price I have to pay," she said with a laugh. Dressed in an outfit that she picked up for less than $100 ($17.99 strappy sandals and a $19.99 chunky belt from Target, $24.99 black Old Navy capris, a $9.99 brown button up Lane Bryant blouse and a $8.90 H necklace), Finney's only splurge in Union Square burberry shop usa during a recent San Francisco visit was an appetizer of tuna tartare at Kuleto's restaurant. The queen of cheap and chic believes that anyone can be a bargain fashionista regardless of whether she or he wears the latest trends. Finney defines the term as "someone who effortlessly combines personal style with financial savvy." And, in her opinion, a woman doesn't age out of a store like Forever 21 until she is 100. "It's about what you buy," she explained. "When you are 50 or 60, you buy burberry prorsum online might not wear their jersey dresses, but you can certainly get a T shirt to put under a blazer, a necklace or belt," she said, adding that her grandmother shops at H another ageless store. Believing that a person's wardrobe should be a reflection of the individual and where he or she is in life, Finney is hesitant to put a price cap on clothing. for $400 from her book advance. "When I saw it I blanked the heavens opened up," said the New Jersey resident, who justified the purchase to herself by explaining that it was significantly reduced and practical for East Coast weather. Her favorite Kate Spade cream colored sandals cost her just $13.80 at DSW, and she paid $250 for a buttery black leather Fendi bag on eBay that she "loves just a little bit less" than her husband, Tobias Wright, an art director who did some of the illustrations in her book. Though her jaw drops at the designs of Marc Jacobs and Prada, Finney said her favorite Bay Area shops are Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street. She compared picking a favorite store to choosing between children, but, when pressed, she said discounters like Ross and Marshalls are regular haunts because of their designer selection. To make the most of your time while shopping at such stores, Finney advises staying focused and patient, shopping during off peak hours in the morning or evening and avoiding the lunch rush. As a former Marshalls employee, she says that it doesn't hurt to make nice with the sales people and ask what fashions haven't hit the floor yet. After spying the same white leather Michael Kors bag at TJ Maxx for half of the $300 price tag it had at a department store, she suggests browsing the accessory racks, too. Finney, raised in Minneapolis close to her seamstress grandmother, wasn't always a penny pincher. "In the community I grew up in, if you were smart you became a doctor, you didn't go into fashion," she said. Instead, she buried her head in Vogue while attending Rutgers and Yale studying for a career in epidemiology. When her father died in 2002, however, she decided to follow her heart and pursue fashion.

When she was a 26 year old newlywed spending $5,000 to $7,000 a year on clothing, her husband suggested that she start a blog, which now gets about 200,000 hits per month. Wright was right and his wife's clothing expenses soon dwindled to less than $1,000 a year. Having learned the ways of a budget burberry rain boots outlet online fashionista, Finney doesn't believe she could ever go back to being frivolous.

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