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Death of YouTube cult hero Daniel Kyre Daniel had been found in critical condition in his room after a suicide attemptin the house he shared withFischbachandhis Cyndagobuddies from South Carolina,Ryan Magee and Matt Watson.

He hadsuffered irreversible brain burberry trench outlet price damagefrom an undisclosedcause, and he was burberry scarf mens outlet taken off life support two days later. It might be just another LA story except that Daniel's suicide has played out in the minds of millions ofteenagers worldwide via YouTube. They are processing the loss of someone they felt closeto, and their parents may not have a clue. Cyndagoposted on Facebook "some very important and tragic news regarding Cyndago and our future". Daniel was dead and Cyndago was finished. They had no plans to release any further videos,podcasts or songs. Theyurged anyone with suicidal thoughts or depression to get help. "We're truly sorry that a story that broughtso many people happiness had to have such a sad ending."They have since promised a final upload "addressing the current situation". The final Cyndago upload(s) will be posted on October 10th, 2015. Thank you for being patient and thank you for supporting our dreams. He then "went dark" on YouTube before resurfacing this week with a 13 minute vlog which has clocked 1.86 million views. He would be seeing a therapist and his output would be only onevideoa day for a while, but:"I finallyfeel I am in a goodenoughplace to start coming back." "I loved every single thing that I learned from Daniel and I never want that to be tainted and I never want to be afraid of that." In older generations, such public, detailed airing of grief may appearunseemly but Dr Carr Gregg welcomes it. "The great thing about the online environment is it literally puts into practice what Shakespeare said about giving sorrow words. It is encouraging kids to write down their thoughts and feelings." Children's eSafety CommissionerAlastair MacGibbonsaid young people experienced on line relationships as "very intense and intimate" and just as significantas their offline relationships.

"We need to burberry timberlands respect that,"he said."I can't burberry discount store london overemphasise the importanceof parents having active conversations with their kids, of actually knowing that they don't just watch funny cat videos but are impacted by a whole lot of other activities online.".

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