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Hundreds fined for parking on zig Wimborne Junior School in Southsea has recruited Junior Road Safety Officers to patrol outside the school three mornings a week, alongside PSHE leader Chantelle Knight.

They are london burberry outlet store ensuring parents do not park on the yellow zig zag lines and since the scheme started last month, the problem has reduced. In Portsmouth, Fareham and Havant, the fines are handed out by council enforcement officers but in Gosport, Hampshire Constabulary are in charge of the fines on behalf of the council. In response to the FOI request, they said 'they have no details of the fines as the figure is zero'. Last June, Portsmouth City Council proposed plans to put cameras up outside schools to catch people parking on the lines. As part of those plans, the council invested in two cameras which burberry style can be moved around the city to target the sites where children are most at risk from cars parking or stopping on zig zags. Alan Cufley, director of transport at the council, said: 'Drivers stopping on zig zags has been an ongoing issue for many schools in the city which are rightfully concerned about the risk this poses. 'We started using enforcement cameras in January and plan to move them around high priority schools. 'While the cameras will be unpopular with anyone caught, we hope it will change behaviour and keep zig zags free so children can cross the road safely. 'It would be great if we could get to the point where the cameras never need to issue a fine as everyone is parking safely.' Some cameras have already been placed outside burberry raincoat sale Langstone Infant School in Ascot Road. Ms Page said: 'The camera we've had put up has made some difference. 'But it is key the problem is solved burberry scarf sale outlet across the city.' Any vehicle which stops on zig zags during their operational hours, which is normally 8am until 4pm, may receive a Penalty Charge Notice through the post of 70. A council spokeswoman said enforcement officers will continue to enforce sites where there are no cameras.

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