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Hiver Blouson Burberry Homme B Bestellen Deutschland Intéressant


Happy Rolph petting zoo empty Disappointed visitors at Happy Rolph Bird Sanctuary were left looking at empty animal pens Tuesday in the park's now barren petting zoo.

The West Lincoln farmer who has leased the animals to the city run park for more than a decade has taken cheap burberry jacket them home after a dispute with the city over the ongoing care of the animals. He was shifted to a job driving a dump truck in early June shortly after intruders broke into the park and went on a spree of violence, shooting numerous animals with pellet guns and killing at least four rabbits and chickens. Vanderzanden said he has burberry outlet ny counted on Gagne over the years to keep him informed when there are any problems, such as animal illnesses or other emergencies. Aside from the recent animal attacks, the full time turkey farmer said there have been other serious acts of vandalism at the park, such as a graduation prank a burberry scarf discount few years ago when some lamas were set free from their pens. But with Gagne relocated from the park, Vanderzanden said he doesn't trust management in the city's recreation and community services department to oversee the animals properly. "I don't feel comfortable leaving the animals in the city's care unless I have someone I trust explicitly with them," he said. "The other staff (at the park) is very good, they're excellent, but they're afraid to do anything for fear that they'll face repercussions within their jobs." He maintained management in the department didn't contact him immediately after animals were found dead and injured at the park nearly two months ago. He said it was Gagne who broke the news when he realized his superiors hadn't made the call. "They were trying to keep it quiet," he said. "I think it's now turned into something where since Brian called me there's no way hell or high water that he's going back to that park." Recreation and community services director Rick Lane said he cannot discuss Gagne's move from the job at Happy Rolph's because it is a confidenital human resources issue. But Lane said he stands by the care the city has provided for animals at the park and its communication with Vanderzanden. "The foreman responsible for the park was in direct contact with him on a regular basis," he said. Vanderzanden said he had told Lane and other managers in the department since the beginning of May that he would reluctantly remove his animals from the park unless Gagne was returned to his old post at the park. He arrived early Monday morning with a truck and began picking up his animals, including a cow and her newborn calf, five donkeys, two adult lamas and a three day old newborn, more than a dozen goats, a dozen sheep, two pigs and numerous chickens and hens. "I don't think they actually thought I was going to do it, but I'm a farmer I mean what I say and I say what I mean," Vanderzanden said. Gagne, who has worked for the city for 36 years, said he's "devasted" about losing his job with the animals. "I am bitter about it all and I'm very disappointed this city just told Paul to take them all burberry scarf online outlet away," he said. Gagne said he feels particularly bad for visitors who drop by the petting zoo in droves through the summer to get close to the animals. "The place is empty now and it's a long weekend coming up," he said. Parkgoers were shocked Tuesday morning to find the pens empty and their popular summer residents missing. A handful of bunnies and about a dozen chickens not owned by Vanderzanden are all that remain in the petting zoo. Niagara Falls resident Kathleen Collee had hoped to show her 17 month old granddaughter the animals for the first time.

"We've brought all the other grandchildren here to see them," she said. "It's heart breaking to see there are no animals here after so many years.".

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