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Garrett describes 'the right kind of guy' and says ego is part of it Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he wants players with ego.

But the right kind of ego. "Ego in the context of what we're trying to accomplish as a team," he said Saturday at a high school football camp burberry factory online shopping at Cowboys Stadium. He was asked by reporters to describe the kind of player he is looking for in free agency. "We're looking for the right kind of guy," he said. "The right kind of guy, to us, is someone who loves to play football, who is very burberry outlet las vegas prices passionate about it, willing to work hard at it, willing to be part of a team, willing to be part of something that is maybe greater than himself. "We want a guy who has an ego. Egos are important. But ego in the context of what we're trying to accomplish as a team. Guys who are willing to work, are great teammates there's always going to be a place for those guys." Carlos Mendez Mar 26, 2012 8:58:00 AMComments (8) How about Jason Garrett finds some players that are TOUGH?!?!? Especially on defense. When is the last time the Cowboys had a defense that was tough do burberry scarves go on sale and intimidated people? Demarcus Ware, while very good, does not intimidate people. Besides that, he disappears in big games. Some of the lack of toughness I blame on the GM. JJ would rather have flashy players instead of tough, hard nosed football players. Up and down the roster, a general theme is flashy players who are also SOFT,injury prone and have no guts. Dallas needs more burberry sale online now guys like Jason Witten and Sean Lee. Romo showed some toughness in the San Fran game, but the jury still out. Toughness also includes going on the road in Dec/Jan and getting a win in bad weather in GB, NY, Phil etc.

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