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Burberry Lunettes Bur Sale Deutschland


Environmental Impacts of Fabric Ah polyester, I manage to build up pools of sweat when I wear it, no matter the season.

also collects all kinds of hair, lint, and other assorted items from the dryer. my favorite fabric, but it everywhere, and it actually more sustainable that you think! Polyester covers a range of polymer fabrics, but mainly refers to polyethylene teraphthalate (PET). that acronym? it the same stuff plastic bottles are made from. fact, Patagonia recycles bottles into cozy fleece. PET is a petroleum product. is made by creating repeating chains of plastic building blocks called polymers. not biodegradable, but can be recycled. NY Times article points out that synthetics require less hot water to wash and less energy to dry than cottons do. chart below (also from the article) gives an interesting comparison. What to Do About It If you still in the market for a "new" fleece jacket or other polyester items, buy recycled PET. seems a large portion of the recycled polyester market is fleece, but companies like the North Face are making cute dresses, socks, and more. went to REI website, searched for "recycled polyester", and turned up 41 results. And just for giggles, check out NAU, a Portland store that carries some super expensive recycled polyester jackets and features some interesting characters on its banner. Polyester, be it sweaty and sometimes unwieldy, is actually pretty sustainable if you buy it recycled or used. I been air drying most of my clothes, which is probably the best thing for polyester anyway. 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Your skills with this particular strange frame of mind, total vocation job is definitely wrapped around dispute. Related media Pick of the Week: January 2, 2011 By Hannah These are the used yukata (cotton kimono) I wrote about in my reused Christmas blog burberry outlet locations.

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