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Burberry Court Tshirt Homme Bur Deutschland Shop Sans Précédent


Dr Robert Houghton I joined the University of Winchester in 2015, having taught previously at the University of St Andrews burberry us and University of Edinburgh.

I completed an MA, MLitt and a PhD on representations of collective action in the Italian proto communes at the University of St burberry kids outlet Andrews (graduated 2013). I have worked as a researcher for Mouseion Ltd and with Paradox Interactive. Kotecki, J. Maciejewski and J. S. Ott, eds, burberry outlet collection Clerics and War in Medieval Europe (Ashcroft, forthcoming)'When the bishop's away. Absentee bishops of Parma during the Investiture Conflict', in M. Penman, F. Lachaud and M. Donizone's Vita Mathildis Boniface of Canossa and Emperor Henry II' Journal of Medieval History (4). pp. 388 408.'Review of Sleepwalking into a New World The Emergence of Italian City Communes in the Twelfth Century', in Al Masaq The Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean 27 (2015)Analysis of Carole Hillenbrand burberry air force 1 The Crusades Islamic Perspectives (Macat, 2014)'Donizo di Canossa', in R. F. Thomas, J. M. Ziolkowski, eds, The Virgil Encyclopedia (Wiley Blackwell, 2013)The main thrust of my research concerns relationship networks and socio political structures in Northern Italy during the eleventh and twelfth centuries. In particular, I am currently working on a project to map and investigate the political connections of the imperial papal candidates of the late eleventh century (Cadalus of Parma and Guibert of Ravenna).

I am interested in how these figures were able to establish and maintain their positions in a complex and changing environment.I am also interested in the role modern media play in the development of students' perceptions of the Middle Ages. I am currently developing a new project to address this issue.

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