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Decision to out transgender contestant costly Desperate times can make a person do desperate things.

Especially when there $1 million involved. But when signing up for a televised game like Survivor, those desperate decisions aren just affecting those out on the island participating in the competition they also aired to millions tuning in to watch the reality TV giant. Meaning a single desperate choice can change someone life forever. Jeff Varner, the 50 year old former news anchor who had charmed Survivor fans in the Australian Outback and Cambodia, learned this lesson in the most disastrous way when he returned to the series, along with other veteran game changers, for another shot at the title of sole survivor. But Jeff rash decision to out another player as transgender in front of his Nuku tribe and the world, cost him the game and his reputation when he burberry outlet online was publicly slammed by his tribemates and members of the LGBTQ community for his harmful and life altering treatment of former ally Zeke Smith who was outed without his consent. hope that he safe and that this is eventually going to be a positive thing for him, Varner tells Postmedia Network the day after his dramatic ouster. been working with a therapist burberry factory store london and the LGBT groups since I got back. It been really rough. I swam through shame and guilt and all burberry outlet brasil kinds of different things to get me this point. was already on his way out of the game on Wednesday night when his Nuku tribe burberry nova check lost the week immunity challenge. And while scrambling to find ways to throw tribe members under the bus, Varner states that the unconsented information about Zeke slipped out during a heated tribal council. was an emotional knee jerk reaction that had no pre planning and no malice and no intention behind it. It just happened, he said of attempting to convince his tribe that Zeke had deceived them because he hadn told anyone that he transgender. was awful. Because in that moment, that word all of a sudden turned into transgender people are deceptive and fraudulent. And that the last thing I met. I was trying to argue that that not what I mean, that not what I saying. But at that point, as Jeff [Probst] said, I couldn un ring that bell. also shares that the only reason he believed the world had already known Zeke secret is because the 28 year old had just played on Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X and his tribemates didn have the luxury of watching the season yet. one knew who he was, he said. kept thinking to myself, there is absolutely no way that there a transgender man on this show and played not one but two games and nobody knows it. In my mind, he was out and loud and proud and played Gen X vs.

Millennials as an out transgender man and the public knew it. that certainly wasn the case. Moving forward, Jeff thoughts go out to Zeke and his family for everything they going through and he hopes that the sparked public conversation will only end up being a productive one.

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