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Helen Bailey murder trial continues said she was missing.

April 15 Stewart phoned, told me Helen was missing and that he needed the number for the Broadstairs cleaner. April 21 about 1pm Stewart called me again. were friends but we were never the best of friends. started to date Stewart. I assumed she was moving on. first met Stewart when she brought him to Broadstairs a few years ago. the years I noticed Helen wasn the same as she had been, for example Helen would arrive in Broadstairs and rush inside. (with John) she would be very visible and text me to know she was there. would pop over to mine in Broadstairs, our dogs would play together. appeared more reserved and less sociable. There are times we would bump into each other, Stewart never seemed like he wanted to make the effort with us. last time I saw Helen was February 2016. She appeared really happy, she bought one of my paintings and was in a good mood. bought a holiday home in Broadstairs with John Sinfield, we were opposite. and John were a lovely couple and we all got on well. Helen also had connections in London, as did I, burberry clearance outlet so we would sometimes meet up and go walking. spent more time together after she lost John. never saw her go to Broadstairs on her own. One time she asked me how difficult it was to get a train there with the dog. she be back in London? replied news, except a possible sighting. I all over the place, don really know what I doing. On May 1 I said I was in Norfolk, and had half hoped Helen had come over here for an escape. I sure Helen will suddenly emerge and know what all the fuss is about. He replied about coping. No news at all On June 28 I again asked if there was any news. He said no news at all, not coping well, mind is in a mess, police still active but not here every dayIan Stewart told friend of Helen Bailey that her disappearance was 'confusing' Helen went missing I found out via media reports that her and Stewart had got engaged. On April 17, 2016 I received messages from our daughters stating that Helen had been reported missing. I started to look at the news and Facebook trying to find out more about what had happened. text Stewart the same day, saying I was worried about Helen. He replied for contact, no leads, this is all so confusing asked what Helen mood was like when she left. I asked whether she needed time out. said I was here for support, burberry outlet review he said thanks. both went to university and we kept in touch. She came to my wedding, we kept in touch around birthdays and Christmases. knew Helen first husband John had passed away while on holiday with Helen in 2011. then knew she met Stewart online. first Helen was very wary of moving on to a new relationship. invited them to celebrate my 50th in 2014, and this is when I met Stewart for burberry trench coat sale discount the where to buy authentic burberry online first time. seemed very quiet and was always at Helen side. was around this time that they moved in together. Stewart had two sons from his first marriage, Helen didn have her own children and found it hard to adjust living in a house with boys altogether. I do know the boys got on well with Helen. was suffering hot flushes and disturbed sleep. seemed Helen was dealing with signs of the menopause. felt anxious about getting old, she was worried about talking to her GP about this and being put on medication which she didn like taking. than this I thought Helen was fit and well. The first two relate to medical matters relating to Helen Bailey. The first is from GP Theresa Leighton, who worked at a health centre in Royston. She made a statement relating to the medical records of Helen Bailey. joined the Royston health centre in October 2013. saw a practice nurse on the day she registered.

She said she had just moved to the area with her long term partner to start a new life. registered because she was concerned she had a urine infection. There will now be a 10 minute break.

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