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Dean Sheridan sends racist texts to 12 Millie Grace, 12, with her mum Gill and younger sister (Picture: Mercury Press) A parent sent vitriolic racist abuse to a 12 year old autistic girl, after she had an argument with his daughter on their way home from school.

The girl mum, Gill Turner, said she only found out what had happened when her daughter Millie Grace asked if it was OK for a man to call someone a nr? soon as she heard that, 47 year old Gill looked through her daughter phone and found a series of disturbing texts sent by Dean Sheridan. In the messages, Dean called Gill a Millie Grace father a and a and then declared himself white and proud 36, admits sending the messages, and claims he did it because his daughter had received nuisance calls from Millie Grace while off from school with a broken burberry bags usa sale leg. from burberry us site Manchester, explained that because Millie Grace is on the autism spectrum, she often corrects people grammar but it not because she deliberately being rude. Dean Sheridan, who sent the racist messages (Picture: Mercury Press) She said: daughter had been messaging this girl and she had been messaging back, but this man got hold of his daughter phone [to get Millie Grace number] and in the space of one day she had received burberry bags outlet uk 17 text messages from him. Toddler who stole the show at his mums wedding loses cancer battle threatened me and Millie dad with physical violence. I texted him burberry designer clothes and said I had saved the messages and that I would be reporting it to the police.

put up with this kind of racism my whole life but my children haven developed the skills to brush it off yet. just don expect that behaviour from a grown adult, Gill said, adding that she has now reported the matter to police. Dean, meanwhile, claimed his daughter was getting by [Millie Grace] and her cronies I made some racial remarks regarding it, but I not going to take any of this regarding my daughter anymore, he said.

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