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Sacs Burberry Bur_5602 Guter Qualität


HorizonWatching 2012 Trend Report Natural Language Processing Semantic Analysis Information Retrieval Automated Reasoning Machine Learning Watson made a big splash last year on Jeopardy as we all know.

While the Jeopardy game was a huge burberry bags online store media event and exposure, this technology area has the capability to totally transform decision making. Watson can sift through an equivalent of about burberry coat online 1 million books or roughly 200 million pages of data, and analyze this information and provide precise responses in less than three seconds. Watson's ability to understand the meaning and context of human language, and rapidly process information to find precise answers to complex questions, holds enormous potential to transform how computers help people accomplish tasks in business and their personal lives. The slides (embedded below) provide an overview on the IBM burberry women Watson technology trend. Summary information is provided along with many links to additional resources. The slides are meant to be read/studied and the links are there for you to continue your learning. You may want to view the burberry material slides in slideshow mode so you can easily follow the links.

For other HorizonWatching 2012 Trend reports, check out my posts the last few days. Also, come back over the next week. I have a few more to post about.

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